We had a blast at the Local Author Showcase at the Burbank Library – Buena Vista branch yesterday. That is Craig Faustus Buck, Stephen Buehler, and I did. I believe many others did as well. We sat at the Mystery/Suspense table a.k.a. The Murderer’s Table.

Local Author Showcase

I say it was a success because we met so many authors, readers, and what I like to call “good book people to know.” We handed out business cards and bookmarks. Stephen entertained kids with magic tricks (I’m including myself as one of those kids). Craig sold the most books out of us three. I sold 2 copies of LADIES NIGHT. So is that a success? Damn straight it is!

I’ve got success on the brain because of Stephen’s blog post today. You should check it out if you’re curious what defines success.

What wasn’t so successful? The donuts I brought.

2015-10-17 12.32.35

Apparently, the stereotype of LA being health-conscious is true. I should have known being pretty health-conscious myself. Although that didn’t stop me from eating donuts and pimping “The Donut Dealer” in All Due Respect #6.

Next time I’ll bring celery and carrot sticks and tell people to pretend they’re donuts.