Maintenant 17: A DADA Journal of Contemporary Writing & Art is Out Now!

It’s release day for the latest issue of the Maintenant DADA Journal that Three Rooms Press puts out every year. This year the theme is Peacefire. I’m thrilled to have my story “Now a Word From Our Sponsor” included. It’s a satirical take on conflict resolution or what not to do.

Here’s the book info:

When a war ends provisionally, the agreement is called a ceasefire. But when peace ends, there is only war. War and peace are co-dependent. What might be best would be a “Peacefire.”

In Maintenant 17: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art, 254 artists from 34 countries on 6 continents explore the concept of the end of both war and peace, providing provocative outsider ideas as dada has done since its inception.

With searing cover art by Georgian artist Uta Kaxniashvili (“Child Under Bombs”), this issue of the renowned journal elaborates on Dada’s original premise as an antiwar movement.

The Maintenant series, established in 2008, explores themes of politics, humanity, philosophy, and current concerns from an antiwar, anarchic (and often eye-opening) perspective. Past issues include work by artists Mark Kostabi, Raymond Pettibon, Joel Hubaut, Heide Hatry, Avelino de Araujo, Pawel Kuczynski, Inas Al-Soqi, Giovanni Fontana, Nicole Eisenmann, Syporca Whandal, and Kazunori Murakami; past writers have included Gerard Malanga, Charles Plymell, Andrei Codrescu, Harry E. Northup, Malik Crumpler, Maw Shein Win, and more, with a strong contingent of artist-writers from the world of punk rock, including Thurston Moore, Mike Watt, Bibbe Hansen, and more.

MAINTENANT 17: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art,edited by Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges

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