About Sarah


Sarah has worked a variety of jobs, from script reader to private investigator assistant. She’s published numerous short stories and a children’s book. Her noir novella, Cleaning Up Finn with All Due Respect Books, was an Anthony finalist and IPPY Award winner. She and E.A Aymar are the co-editors of The Swamp Killers and The Night of the Flood. She’s written for the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Ascent, Hapa Mag, and P.S. I Love You, among others.


Sarah M. Chen graduated cum laude from UCLA with a B.A. in Communications and an M.A. in Communications – TV/Film from Cal State Fullerton. After that she did exactly what her parents did not want her to do: work a series of part-time jobs ranging from studio script reader to bartender. She continues this trend today as an indie bookseller, transcriber, and private investigator assistant.

Sarah has published over 30 short stories and doesn’t see herself quitting the short story format anytime soon. If she’s not working on her novel, she’s writing / editing essays and short stories.

You can find Sarah on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, and Medium. She blogs over at The Thrill Begins as a member of Murderers’ Row as well as her own health/wellness and travel site SoCal Sarah Writes.


(Photos by Joy Osmanski)