Maintenant 17 Dada Journal: Peacefire

My story “Now a Word from our Sponsor” is included in the upcoming Maintenant 17 Dada Journal: Peacefire from Three Rooms Press. Out July 2023!

Here’s the summary of the theme:


When a war ends provisionally, the agreement is called a ceasefire. But when peace ends, there is only war. War and peace are co-dependent. What might be best would be a “Peacefire.” Stand up against the War that never ends and the Peace that never comes. Provocation is simply a media mogul selling fear as clickbait. Peace would make them poorer.

My story is a commercial advertising Peacefire Ambassadors, special-trained operatives who “keep the peace” so you don’t have to. It was a lot of fun to write.

Check out this cool book trailer!

Composite Sketch at BOLO Books

Today I’m featured on one of my favorite segments: the Composite Sketch at BOLO Books! I was so thrilled when Kristopher asked me to participate. I always enjoy reading these little known facts about people in the crime fiction community. I had a lot of fun answering the questions. Thank you, BOLO Books!