Pay It Forward

The Thrill Begins has a series called “Pay It Forward” in which each contributor recognizes an author or a book that inspired them. It could be someone living or dead, a short story writer or a novelist, an author friend or a literary idol from your childhood. I think it’s a wonderful series and look forward to each week’s spotlight.

So imagine my surprise when I wake up to find out that today, it’s ME! E.A. Aymar, the managing editor of The Thrill Begins and also my co-editor for The Night of the Flood, wrote a lovely, eloquent piece about me and I’m floored. He’s a sneaky little bastard. 🙂 Thank you, Ed.

He even managed to find my short story “The Donut Dealer” on Medium.

2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. And on up! Back when I was a young Marine during ITR (infantry training) they had us climbing overboard on these huge nets where landing craft (hopefully) awaited us. The two things the intructors kept yelling at us were: “Keep your hands on the verticle rope,” and “Don’t look down!” With the swaying sea and bouncing landing craft below, looking down could give you instant vertigo. Falling to my death or being crushed between the bulkhead of the ship and landing craft weren’t on my immediate plans as an 18 yr. old “newbie,” so I stared at the net and worked my way down. What’s my point (I do have one): You should take “Don’t look down,” as “Don’t look back!) Bravo for you, Sue, and your many accomplishments.
    –Michael 🙂

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