Ink-Quisitions with Jesse Rawlins

I’m up today chatting with Jesse Rawlins over at Story & Grit. Jesse is launching a new feature called Ink-Quisitions where she interviews various crime fiction authors. And I’m her first victim! It was a lot of fun as we discussed FINN, my contribution to the Johnny Cash collection, “Missouri Waltz,” and my favorite South Bay eats.

Check it out!


Daly Prose blog

I’m up live today on fellow crime fiction author Charles Daly’s blog where I talk about FINN and setting crime fiction stories in the South Bay. We met on Twitter and I’m still amazed at the power of social media. The post looks cool and I love the way he laid it out with the quotes he pulled. Thanks, Charles Daly! And thank you Twitter!

DALY PROSE: Sarah M. Chen’s Redondo Beach Noir


The event at the Manhattan Beach Library Monday night 10/17 was really fun. Lida Sideris, Sybil Johnson, Jennifer Chow, and I discussed writing mysteries in the South Bay. We all live in the South Bay except for Lida who I didn’t realize grew up in Hermosa Beach.

Here are some pics. Manhattan Beach Library is a beautiful recently-renovated library.

Thanks to all who came!