I’m thrilled to announce my short story “Pig Boy” will be included in the anthology Hardboiled: Dames and Sin by Dead Guns Press. The crime fiction anthology showcases 13 short stories that feature femme fatales doing bad things. For those who listened to us on Noir on the Radio at Left Coast Crime, you may recognize “Pig Boy.” I read an extremely condensed flash version of it. It features a young woman who finds herself stranded in Taiwan so she makes the best of her limited skills. This should be a fun collection so be sure to keep an eye out for it in May. Tentative release date May 16, 2016!


In case you want to hear some kickass flash fiction followed by a tell-all LCC post-wrap up with Michael Pool, C.S. DeWildt, Rob Pierce, Brian Thornton, S.W. Lauden, Josh Stallings, and me, click on this link:

Noir on the Radio


I had a blast at Left Coast Crime in Phoenix. I got to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while like Holly West and Brett Battles. I met talented writers like C.S. DeWildt, Lida Sedaris, Dale Berry, M.H. Callway, and Grant Goad.  I got to hang with writers that I’ve only met once or twice like Rob Pierce, Brian Thornton, and Josh Stallings. Overall, it was a fantastic time with plenty of opportunities to talk about writing, the future of publishing, short stories, and to read some killer flash fiction.

Noir on the Radio was one of the LCC highlights for me for sure. Special thanks to Michael Pool for hosting and I had a great time sharing the mic with S.W. Lauden, Josh Stallings, Brian Thornton, Rob Pierce, and  C.S. DeWildt.


Brief Dance with Death panel with Dale Berry, M.H. Callway, Stephen Buehler, and Mysti Berry. I was moderator.


Short Fiction panel with Holly West, Rob Pierce, Susan Cummins Miller, and Dharma Kelleher.


Short Fiction panel with Holly West, Rob Pierce, Susan Cummins Miller, and Dharma Kelleher.


Noir on the Radio LCC discussion with C.S. DeWildt, Michael Pool, Brian Thornton, S.W. Lauden, Rob Pierce, and Josh Stallings.







Hey, everyone, I’ll be on the Authors on the Air again this Friday night Feb. 26 at 6pm (PST) with the talented C.S. Dewildt, Brian Thornton, S.W. Lauden, Rob Pierce, and Josh Stallings.  As usual, Michael Pool is our gracious host of Noir on the Radio. We’ll be reading some flash fiction and talking about the conference and whatever mishaps so far have happened (I’m sure there’ll be a few) so even if you’re not at Left Coast Crime, it’ll be like you’re there! So come check us out. There will be a link provided to hear us live. In case I forget to post it since I’ll be at the conference, click this link and hopefully there will be one for Noir on the Radio.