I can’t believe my debut book will be out in exactly 11 days. May 15, 2016 to be exact. I’m excited and terrified at the same time.

So far the feedback has been good. Blurbs like these make me a very happy girl.

“Majorly screwed up. But in a good way.” – Brett Battles, USA Today bestselling author of the Jonathan Quinn thrillers

“….Sarah M. Chen is taking no prisoners in this brakeless toboggan ride of a hardboiled romp.” – Craig Faustus Buck, Macavity Award-winning author of GO DOWN HARD

“If you like your crime fiction the way Finn Roose likes his women, hard and fast, you’ll love Sarah M. Chen’s debut novella, CLEANING UP FINN. A challenging, unsentimental look at a man who may be beyond redemption. Sarah M. Chen is a writer to watch.” – Matt Coyle, author of the Anthony Award-winning Rich Cahill crime series

“Cleaning Up Finn is a complex morality tale of debauchery, selfishness, sacrifice, and guilt. This romp of a noir through Southern California’s South Bay will stay with you, challenging your ideas of poetic justice and leaving you wanting more from Sarah M. Chen.” — James W. Ziskin, Anthony-, Barry-, and Lefty-nominated author of the Ellie Stone Mysteries







I received my contributor copy for Blink Ink’s issue #23 which is called Mystery Train. It includes 50-word stories that all have to do with trains. My story is called “Solo.” Since you need to subscribe to Blink Ink to read the issues (4 issues for 1 year is only $10 so by all means, subscribe if you wish!), I’ll post my story here. It’s a very cute artsy book that also has stories by pals Craig Faustus Buck and Gay Degani. Artwork is awesome as well.


Cover done by artist Woody Lewis.


Table of Contents