Cleaning Up Finn Book Makeover

My publisher All Due Respect Books, the lowlifes of literature I’m proud to call them, is now an imprint of Down & Out Books. I’m a big fan of Down & Out and Eric Campbell so I’m very excited.

They have re-issued FINN. It’s now bigger and badder than ever! It’s also now available at Barnes & Noble and iTunes…plus any of your favorite indie bookstores can now order FINN.

I’m very grateful that FINN gets a makeover and look forward to a successful and productive partnership with Down & Out!

“The Donut Dealer” is the featured story today on Great Jones Street

I’m stoked that my short story “The Donut Dealer” (originally published in All Due Respect, Issue #6) is featured on Great Jones Street – for the second time! If you haven’t checked out this awesome short story app yet, you should. It’s got killer stories by some up-and-coming writers as well as award-winning established ones (like Hilary Davidson and David Corbett).

Here’s what Great Jones Street says about “The Donut Dealer”

“The Donut Dealer” which you can also listen to is a 14-minute read and 21-minute listen. It is a story about Tea who gets in over his head with a couple of gangsters shaking him down at his Aunt’s donut shop. Chen’s story has a surprise twist which breaks down the nail-biting aspect of this thriller into something altogether more touching. I won’t ruin the surprise here. One of the things that I love is its depiction of Southern California and a sliver of the Asian American experience in Southern California in particular. Stories are rarely perfect — perfection can come off as an industrial process designed to eliminate waste — but this story has that kind of efficiency. Though it’s more like a perfectly carved bowl than perfectly polished chrome. 

Thank you, Great Jones Street! High praise indeed. Click on the link here to download the app:


“The Donut Dealer” on Great Jones Street

My short story “The Donut Dealer” is featured on the Great Jones Street app. This is a cool new app that coins itself as the “Netflix of fiction.” This story of mine was originally published in All Due Respect, Issue #6 back in 2015 and is one of my favorites.

“Tea works in his aunt’s donut shop, with a nice side line of drug dealing. When he’s approached by a slimy consultant named Scott Axelrod, telling him to persuade his aunt to agree to the seaside lagoon development which will wipe out the handful of Chinese businesses, he is put in a tricky situation.”

And I love the cover art GJS did!

Check out the free app here: Great Jones Street

Download it now so you can get your quick fix of fiction anytime you want.


Blood is definitely thicker than water as Tea will soon find out. Business is not easy, and keeping the scheming developers at bay is a daunting task for the eighteen year old. Luckily for young Tea, the Lagoon takes care of its own. So don’t ever mess with Guma! Check out “The Donut Dealer” by Sarah M. Chen, author 👉


FINN makes Best of 2016!

So excited to see FINN get a mention on Derrick Horodyski’s Best of 2016 list over at Out of the Gutter. It’s a fantastic lineup of incredible books and authors that I’m honored to be a part of.


And there are 7 All Due Respect authors listed – woo hoo!

Big thanks to Derrick and Out of the Gutter!



We had a blast at the Local Author Showcase at the Burbank Library – Buena Vista branch yesterday. That is Craig Faustus Buck, Stephen Buehler, and I did. I believe many others did as well. We sat at the Mystery/Suspense table a.k.a. The Murderer’s Table.

Local Author Showcase

I say it was a success because we met so many authors, readers, and what I like to call “good book people to know.” We handed out business cards and bookmarks. Stephen entertained kids with magic tricks (I’m including myself as one of those kids). Craig sold the most books out of us three. I sold 2 copies of LADIES NIGHT. So is that a success? Damn straight it is!

I’ve got success on the brain because of Stephen’s blog post today. You should check it out if you’re curious what defines success.

What wasn’t so successful? The donuts I brought.

2015-10-17 12.32.35

Apparently, the stereotype of LA being health-conscious is true. I should have known being pretty health-conscious myself. Although that didn’t stop me from eating donuts and pimping “The Donut Dealer” in All Due Respect #6.

Next time I’ll bring celery and carrot sticks and tell people to pretend they’re donuts.