I’m thrilled to announce my short story “Pig Boy” will be included in the anthology Hardboiled: Dames and Sin by Dead Guns Press. The crime fiction anthology showcases 13 short stories that feature femme fatales doing bad things. For those who listened to us on Noir on the Radio at Left Coast Crime, you may recognize “Pig Boy.” I read an extremely condensed flash version of it. It features a young woman who finds herself stranded in Taiwan so she makes the best of her limited skills. This should be a fun collection so be sure to keep an eye out for it in May. Tentative release date May 16, 2016!


In case you want to hear some kickass flash fiction followed by a tell-all LCC post-wrap up with Michael Pool, C.S. DeWildt, Rob Pierce, Brian Thornton, S.W. Lauden, Josh Stallings, and me, click on this link:

Noir on the Radio